A shadow has fallen over the kingdom, and legend tells of a young girl who will rise above the darkness to restore the light. Within the stone walls of the Painted Tower, the girl lives out her dreams in near solitude imagining the world as she sees it, filled with magic and wonder. But darkness has gathered around the tower and she has been imprisoned by its curse. Only someone who believes in the magic of dreams can unlock the secrets...
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  • Sleeping Dragon Sleeping DragonYou know what they say about letting a sleeping dog lie? That's good advice for Dragon's too. They're notoriously cranky when they wake up...
    Ice Griffon Ice GriffonNot very happy about the Dragon that's moved in across the hall. As a result, locked all of the gates into the castle. You'll need to prove you're a friend, not foe, to gain entry.

  • Island Physician Island PhysicianMissing magical items and could use some help finding them. He's also missing pants.
    Grouchy Fireplace Grouchy FireplaceNot a friendly fireplace at all. Provides enough warmth that you could curl up with a good book, but only if you could deal with the attitude coming from the flames.

  • Franklin FranklinIris' guardian and keeper of the tower. He is trapped in the foyer of the tower by the Wizard's evil curse and has been turned to stone.
    Iris IrisA gifted young girl with the ability to paint magical worlds that she can enter. She has been trapped on the roof of the tower and will remain there...unless you can help her escape.

  • The Wizard The WizardThe King's magical henchman that finally discovered the location of where Iris has been hiding all of these years. He is responsible for the spell that turned Franklin to stone.
    The King The KingA mysterious ruler that took control of the kingdom from the back of a massive dragon. He needs only to remove Iris to ensure his rule will never be challenged.

  • The Giant Tree The Giant TreeOne of Iris' creations inside the forest painting and the lack of water on his roots means the end of the forest might be near...
    The Scarecrow The ScarecrowStands guard in the Farm Painting. Unfortunately for him, the crows removed all of his scary bits so now he's helpless.

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"The very first qualities that will catch your attention right from the opening cutscene are the game's awe-inspiring graphics, its powerful musical score and the husky, impassioned voice acting." - AdventureGamers.com

"The magical world it pulls you into is strangely compelling, and you won't want to leave until you've fully explored every inch of the tower and helped Iris escape." - Gamezebo.com

"Beautiful presentation on every front, smooth gameplay, and an intriguing story that unfolds as you play." - JayIsGames.com

Interview - AdventureClassicGaming.com

"Overall, the game looks great, plays like a puzzler should, and for $6.99, merits a place in the library of every 'gamer.' It would be unwise to skip this title." - Examiner.com

"A beautiful and intense magical adventure game that feels like a movie. The puzzles are intuitive, and it's very addictive once you start playing." - Xomba.com

Windows XP/Vista
CPU: 1 GHz
RAM: 512 MB(XP)
  or 1 GB (Vista)
128MB Video Card*
Hard Drive: 800Mb
Mac OSX 10.4/10.5/10.6
RAM:1 Gb
Hard Drive:900 Mb