A young girl...destined to rule, but pursued by the shadows. A trusted friend...broken, but not defeated. A tyrant...wrapped in the darkness, ambitious and cruel. Three beacons lay cold on the corners of a kingdom. With their light comes hope, the dawn of a new day. If their fires are lit, shadows will be cast into the light. But if they stay dark...They will be a reminder. Of a future Queen and her kingdom. Forever ruled by the night.
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  • Iris IrisThe youngest daughter of the ruling family of Stonebriar. She possesses the ability to create magical painted worlds that others can enter. The King pursues her because she is the only one left that can ascend to the throne and remove him from power.
    Franklin FranklinThe closest advisor to Iris' father the King. When the kingdom was attacked, Franklin fled with Iris. He protected and raised her inside the Painted Tower. Now he has been turned to stone and must hope that someone else can help Iris become the Queen...

  • King KingA man that arrived on the back of a massive dragon and destroyed the kingdom and the ruling family except for Iris. He has spent the last 10 years searching for the one person that can threaten his rule; a small girl with a magical gift. She represents the greatest threat to his rule of tyranny.
    Raven RavenThe King's most trusted ally. Raven transforms into flocks of magical birds so that he can keep watch over the kingdom. The only thing that can defeat Raven's shadowy magic is the light from the beacons that surround the kingdom.

  • Street Performer Street PerformerAn artisan that has run afoul of the King and as punishment has been trapped inside of a painting. He promises a story to anyone that can free him from his painted prison...
    Giant Toad Giant ToadA Toad that makes his home in an underwater cave. Not the friendliest frog around.

  • Kite Boy Kite BoyA puppet made of wood that loves to fly his kite on the steps of the library in the center of the Kingdom.
    Paper Pirate Paper PirateA scallywag sick with scurvy and trapped in the middle of the ocean on a boat with no sail. Oh, and there's the sharks to contend with...

  • Sad Statue Sad StatueA statue lamenting the fact that his love is on another island and her message has not arrived...
    Windy City Gardener Windy City GardenerA gardener (with crazy eyes) who needs help bringing dawn to his city that has been trapped in the nighttime for far too long.

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"Big Fish's gorgeous old-school adventure game, Drawn: The Painted Tower, has spawned a sequel." - Joystiq.com

"...'Drawn,' then, aims to balance the needs of the casual gamer and the adventure lover's lust for hair-pulling frustration." - Switched.com

"...to call the visuals of Drawn disney-like would not only be a gross understatement, it would also be misleading." - 30Ninjas.com

An interview with the creators... - AdventureClassicGaming.com

"5 out of 5 stars. Pros: Amazing art direction and atmosphere, clever and challenging puzzles, great new locations and pop-up settings. Cons: None." - Gamezebo.com

Windows XP/Vista/7
CPU: 1.0 GHz
DirectX: 9.0
Hard Drive: 900 MB
Mac OSX 10.4/10.5/10.6
RAM:1 Gb
Hard Drive:900 Mb